60 episodes of “Fangfang Wuhan Diary” is completed, the reading of 100,000+ is the highest rating

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60 episodes of “Fangfang Wuhan Diary” is completed, the reading of 100,000+ is the highest rating. At 0:15 a.m. on March 25, 2020, Fang Fang issued the 60-episode “Fang Fang Wuhan Diary” on the WeChat account Erxiang, “The Fantastic Wuhan Diary”, at the moment of restart The end is declared.

Before the Spring Festival in the Year of the Rat in 2020, a sudden COVID19 outbreak caused people to be caught off guard. Some people succumbed to illness due to illness, and others were forced to be quarantined due to infection or close contact. The epidemic prevented more people from isolating at home, unable to go out, unable to work to support their families, unable to meet with friends, and unable to shop casually.

In the face of the epidemic, the family and their relatives and friends were also trapped by the epidemic. Since the closure of Wuhan on January 23, 2020, the chief editor of “Harvest” magazine has programmed Yongxin to send a message to the writer Fang Fang in Wuhan, and the editor-in-chief of Cheng Yongxin asked Fang Fang to write a “Fengcheng Ji”.

Because she lives in the center of Wuhan, her experience is even more tragic. Fortunately, she likes to work at the desk. She carefully observes the disaster and records this experience with the encouragement of her friends. This is the “Wuhan Diary” that has been circulated online recently. From January 25 (New Year’s Day), Fang Fang began to publish a daily “Fang Fang Wuhan Diary” on the Internet until March 25, a total of 60 episodes.

“Fangfang Wuhan Diary” is a normal diary, each of which is not long, about 1500 words. In the diary, the content of the diary recorded by Fang Fang is her daily life in Wuhan after the closure of the city, and what she saw and heard.

Regardless of how the society views her diary, as a writer with a sense of responsibility of the times, she insists on using her personal perspective to record the great Wuhan in this special historical period, which includes both medical staff’s retrograde rescue and voluntary The silent dedication of the people, as well as the resilience of ordinary citizens.

“Fangfang Wuhan Diary” describes the relatively real situation of Wuhan, and writes the experiences and voices of many ordinary citizens. Naturally, the diary has been unprecedentedly popular on the Internet. Although the time of the diary is published between 0:00 and 1 am every day, there are still countless netizens who give up sleeping and guarding their mobile phones in order to get a first look.

The reading volume of “Fangfang Wuhan Diary”, no matter which diary, can be said that the reading volume represents the highest honor of 100,000+ on the Internet, which is the highest rating of the other party. According to the “watching” estimates that netizens clicked on the WeChat public account, the number of individual readings of Fang Fang ’s diary has long been far more than 100,000, and most of them are at the million level.

It is undeniable that the “Fangfang Wuhan Diary” has an unexpected reading volume of 100,000+, which not only brought Fang Fang a high degree of attention, but also brought all kinds of people from all walks of life in the society Such doubts and criticisms.

It can be said that since “Fang Fang Wuhan Diary” became popular on the Internet, various topics that have been entangled in Fang Fang’s controversy have never stopped for a moment. Regarding the controversial topics of Fang Fang, whether it is the disputes of “Ting Fang” and “Negative”, each has generated fierce debate on the Internet.

No matter whether people like or dislike Fang Fang, it is true that Fang Fang Wuhan Diary is hot enough and has a high degree of attention. And people out of China may read the English or German version of the famous Wuhan Diary in the future.

Source Chinese version:https://xw.qq.com/cmsid/20200328A0PM3W00

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  1. A far cry from the official narrative, Fang Fang’s diary, described as ‘forbidden’, captured what she heard, read and saw during the epidemic and how she felt about the crisis from the viewpoint of an intellectual and ordinary Wuhan resident.