About Asia Clean Tour-ACT

Asia Clean Tourism Project – Help Local Grow via Healthy Eco Tourism

AsiaCleanTour.Org (ACT) is promoting clean, green and healthy tourism for some Asian countries. The website aims to support local tour operators and encourage local tourism entrepreneurs as well as travelers to adopt greener, more responsible travel and business activities. To help local people keep the authentic culture, protect the natural environment, each of your correct and minor act is to help local grow continuously.

Asia Clean Tour (ACT) strikes that balance expertly with its practical and informative travel tips that aims to spread the sustainable philosophies of ecotourism and conservation through clean travel, delicate balance between raising awareness and maintaining traveler’s interest for some Asian travel destination countries.

The website is full of informative articles for travelers interested in minimizing their ecological footprints, with posts on simple ways to save water or the ethical issues with taking animal selfies. However to help ACT platform grow better and encourage more travelers and local tourism enterprises to understand how important and urgent it is to act immediately for ecotourism, ACT platform does welcome articles and posts from tourism entrepreneurs or travelers, thus some of our website content was collected from some local active Eco friendly tourism services, and of course edited with ACT’s insight knowledge. If you want to list your tourism related service such as guidance, tour service, locally owned hotel booking, restaurants, please contact ACT via email (helpatasiacleantour.org, we normally can only answer in 2-5 weeks time).

The purpose of this website is to educate both travelers and locals, to connect travelers with local companies and encourage these companies to commit to achieving higher professional standards and higher levels of sustainability and ethical responsibility within their local community.

The ACT would love to see more and more worldwide travelers having satisfied vacation in these destinations, at the same time more and more local communities will benefit from the healthy tourism. ACT believes it can be a win-win case. However ACT does not sell any tours to travelers, please choose to contact one of the listed tourism websites.

How are businesses selected to be listed on this site?

To be listed on this website, local tourism entrepreneurs or tour operators may need to prove they are committed to working towards achieving the basic principles of the commonly accepted Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

ACT does not expect local businesses to meet international standards in a short time, as the tourism is just developing in most of the listed destinations. And of course it has a long way to go. The following criteria are considered to assess businesses in advance.

  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts.
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • Generate financial benefits for both local people and private industry.
  • Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climates.
  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities.
  • Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment.

Hope ACT can connect you with an incredible experience in the following destinations of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region of China), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and more. Learn more about how to join ACT.