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tibet permit

What is a Tibet Travel Permit?

Anyone that is traveling to Tibet will find out that they need Tibet entry travel permit in order to enter the region. However,not everyone has a clue of what a Tibet travel permit is. A Tibet...
Tibet Travel Permit

An Easy Checklist of All Documents Needed for Travel to Tibet

There are so many people that want to travel to Tibet to see the beauty that can be found there, but there are certain rules and regulations that everyone must follow first.  After all,...
Important Tibet-tour-packing-advice

Tibet Travel Advice-What should I pack for Tour of Tibet

What to bring for Tibet tour? Packing Checking List Maybe you are getting excited for your Tibet trip coming up soon, right? Well the high altitude travel of Tibet is not easy. Lots of things...

Tibet Vegetarian Food Travel Guide

Is vegetarian food available all over Tibet? Will it be a problem for a veggie to travel Tibet? What should I do if I am a vegan and want to travel Tibet? These are...
Blue Lake of Yamdrok Lake

Top Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Tibet in 2018

Tibet Travel 2018-Things To Know Before You Go Here are some of Tibet tour guidelines and hope it can make visitors aware of the cultural differences between Tibet and many western nations that travelers come...

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