Sacred Lake Yamdrok-Easy Access to Tibet’s Fantastic Landscapes
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Sacred Lake YamdrokLake Yamdrok (4,441m), also known as Yamdroktso Lake, Yamdrok Yumtso or Yamzho Yumco, is located at the Nagarzê County of Shannan Region. It’s one of three Tibet’s holy lakes (the other two holy lakes are: Lake Manasarovar and Namtso). Tibetan Buddhists from Dalai Lamas to local villagers make pilgrimages to its shore. According to locals, before the construction of Potala Palace, the remains of early Dalai Lamas were cast into its waters.

Separated from Lhasa by a relatively short drive, a trip to this high-altitude lake is a great way to get an idea of what Tibetan life can be like outside its hustling and bustling cities. Thus, many travelers choose Lake Yamdrok as a stop in their Tibet tours.

Beautiful Landscape of Holy Lake Yamdrok
Beautiful Landscape of Holy Lake Yamdrok

Lake Yamdrok – An Easy Access to Tibet’s Fantastic Landscapes

The trip to Yamdrok begins as travelers’ head out of Lhasa. The road follows the valley floor for the first segment of the trip providing views of local life, mountains, and rivers. As the road begins a winding ascent mountain scenery stretches out as far as the eye can see. This is a great time to take some pictures! After Tibet travel groups have had time to appreciate the surrounding landscapes, they will continue the ascent towards Lake Yamdrok.

The sacred lake comes into view as the road crests the mountaintop. With a few minutes driving, travelers will pull off the road for panoramic views of Yamdrok and surrounding mountains. On clear days the lake shines a deep blue and snow capped mountains can be seen across the lake. At this altitude the mountain air is crisp and the wind gusts frequently. Travelers should take it easy as they step out of their Tibet tour vehicle. It’s normal for those not fully acclimatized to the altitude to feel a bit lightheaded. From here it’s a scenic drive to Gyantse Shigatse or an easy drive back to Lhasa.

Dramatic Landscape of Sacred Lake Yamdrok

Whether on a day trip from Lhasa or making a stop on the way to Gyantse and Shigatse, Yamdrok is an easy access destination for travelers looking to get a taste of Tibet’s fantastic landscapes. The drive affords excellent opportunities for taking pictures. And tourists can take time to ask one of native Tibetan guides questions about Tibetan history and culture. For travel season is in full swing, it is the very time to start planning a Tibet tour with Tibet Travel Expert now!

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