Best Kyrgyzstan Local Tour Operator and Travel Agency Recommendation
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When travelers want to plan a tour to Kyrgyzstan, they might be not familiar with the country and the customs. Thus, here (ACT) lists top 11 Kyrgyzstan local travel agents to help foreign travelers make a comfortable travel plan in Kyrgyzstan. However, ACT does not sell any booking service. If you want to book a tour service, please contact any tour agent below. These local travel agents know the best and valuable places in Kyrgyzstan.

Top 1: Silk Road Explore – Day Tours
We are a company that provides information about Kyrgyzstan to travelers as well as the various tours offered throughout the country. We are a platform for connecting travelers directly with local tour operators and providing secure methods of payment.

Top 2: Trip to Kyrgyzstan
We have collected the most interesting and useful information about recreation and traveling in Kyrgyzstan. Here you can learn something new about the country, find the most popular destinations, learn about upcoming events, book accommodation, and choose a suitable tour. For further information please contact our call-center or send us your request, and in conjunction with our partners we will of

Top 3: Baibol Travel
The life and soul of the party “Baibol Travel” “Baibol Travel” is the soul of the Kyrgyz hospitable company. It works on the principle of ecotourism and fair trade. The business of “Baibol” is baised on providing high quality services in ethnic style.

Top 4: Taigan Expeditions
Taigan Expeditions is an educational consulting and cultural-outdoors adventure travel company, based in Kyrgyzstan in the heart of Central Asia. We offer unique hunting, fishing, trekking, and custom-crafted cultural learning experiences in a fascinating nomadic environment, where millennia-old traditions may not be merely studied, but lived.

Top 5: Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan

Top 6: Song-Kol Travel
Why us? Many years of successful work in the field of tourism allows us to organize trips of any level. Our company offers tours of interesting topics, where every tourist will feel the culture of the nomadic people and will be able to receive positive impressions. Want to get an individually developed travel program in Kyrgyzstan?

Top 7: Idyom na Pik

Top 8: MAKS Tour

Top 9: RuVen Tour
The experience of working with tourists allows us to: – choose the most suitable offer recreation; – combine individual tours according to your wishes; – individual tours in duration may last from 3 days to 3 weeks; – fit into the pace of life of our guests and to work on a flexible system of discounts.

Top 10: Wild Kyrgyzstan
We offer Snow Leopard Expeditions in Tien Shan mountains. Snow Leopard Expedition is absolutely new and the only tourism product in Kyrgyzstan. We propose this product to promote ecotourism. Joining these tours you will help snow leopard conservation as we donate $15 from each day of tours to local wildlife reserves.

Top 11: Travel Land Kyrgyzstan
Travel Land Kyrgyzstan provides tours as well as car, motorcycle, and jeep rentals. We specialize in back country expeditions primarily in Kyrgyzstan. We customize every tour and every rental to make sure clients have the adventure of their lives in Kyrgyzstan. We work with nomadic families throughout the country to provide a network of remote, authentic experiences.