Best Japan Local Tour Operator and Travel Agency Recommendation
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Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. When considering a tour to Japan, foreign travelers may have some problems to make a relatively perfect plan. Here lists top 13 Japan local travel agents. These tour agents know the best places to visit in Japan. But ACT does not sell any booking service. Thus if travelers want to plan a booking service, please contact any Japan local travel agents in the list.

Top 1: Bicycle Tours Tokyo
Unforgettable Bike Tours in Tokyo: Explore & take a closer look at Tokyo. Bicycling through the back streets where you can’t find in the guide book. Thanks to the mobility of bike, you can experience delicious contrast of traditional & modern, sophisticated city & down-to-earth vibe. Double your surprise with Bicycle Tours Tokyo !

Top 2: Tokyo Great Cycling Tour
We are running guided bike tours exploring around Tokyo since 2006. Let’s go cycling together with our local guides!

Top 3: Satoyama Experience
We have many programs in which you can experience rural culture and history inherited in satoyama. Especially, HIDA SATOYAMA CYCLING, ART & CULTURE, TOWN & VILLAGE WALK are very popular guided tours in HIDA-TAKAYAMA!Please enjoy the special time you can have only here through the tours connecting daily lives of local people with your travel.

Top 4: Snow Monkey Resorts Tours
Snow Monkey Resorts takes you on experiences in the Northern Nagano region. Our tours show you the most beloved attractions and the best hidden secrets in this area. Tours include visits to the Snow Monkey Park, the Zenko-ji Temple, snow fun in the Shiga Highlands, Japanese cherry blossoms, countryside cycling, and mountain experiences. Besides group tours, we have customized private tours as well.

Top 5: Turismo Victoria


Top 6: Tabica
“Dive into the life of locals” We offer trips that connect travelers with local Japanese people. Through our trips, travelers can take a glimpse at the life of locals by experiencing their day. You can pick a date and we will match you with our local host to lead you for a day. Locals include monks, soba making masters, bushido masters and many more!

Top 7: Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel
We are a travel agency which specialized in Hokkaido tour. We will support your trip from local’s view. As our office is not face to face one, please contact us via email or phone!

Top 8: Wave Marine Club

沖縄ダイビングならWAVE Marine Club

Top 9: Japan Panoramic Tour (DOA Japan) – Day Tour

Top 10: Explore Hakone
Explore Hakone specializes in 100% customized private tours. You can visit many places in just one day with a licensed local guide. Reservations are required for all tours.

Top 11: Iriomotejima Ken Guide
I have interesting information and a variety of fields such as waterfalls jungle dwells Iriomote sea and spread of coral reef of Iriomote Island, forest of vast mangrove, the unexplored, the culture of the island. Will be happy to help so that you can make the memories and best smile never fading life to everyone as a motto of “safety, moving experiences, smile.”

Top 12: Cycle Kyoto
Cycle Kyoto organises small group bike adventures in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, all in English, and all in a day. With over 2,000 temples and shrines and no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Top 13: Kyoto Cycling Tour Project
A city where is full with history and culture. In such a city, ancient traditional daily practices are remained in the backstreets, where usually not put in travel guide books. KCTP cycling tour leads you to explore those Kyoto’s chessboard like backstreet’s culture and custom with professional English speaking guides.