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AsiaCleanTour.Org (ACT) lists a top 10 local reliable Tibet tour operators in Tibet. They know the best places to explore on such high plateau and they maybe able to help you when you plan a tour to Tibet. However ACT does not sell any tours booking services, should you need any booking assistance, please contact one of recommended Tibet tour operators and travel agencies in the top 10 list. ACT encourages both travelers and local Tibet tour operators or tourism entrepreneurs to practice responsible tourism. However in comparison with international standard tourism, there is a long way to go for Tibet. Here below are just few guidelines to help improve a sustainable Tibet tourism.

  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts.
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • Generate financial benefits for both local people and private industry.
  • Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climates.

Top 1 Tibet Tour Operator & Agent- Tibet Local Guide -Tibet Ctrip Tours

Tibet Local Guide -Tibet Ctrip Tours is a local reputable online tour booking gateway recommended by many foreign travelers on TripAdvisor. Tibet Local Guide is a group of local Tibet travel experts including Tibetan guides, Tibetan driver, travel consultants and Tibetan tour operators, permits staff, etc. Tibet Local Guide tourism gateway has committment to help worldwide foreign travelers to travel in Tibet with ease, with fun and with better local prices and much easier booking experiences. All the Tibet tours are quality private Tibet tours and or small size group tours. Their prices are among the most reasonable local prices. For photographic landscape trip, Kailash spiritual pilgrimage, Tibetan cultural tours, and trekking adventures, and ticketing, reliable Tibet travel permits application, “Tibet Local Guide – Tibet Ctrip Tours” provides timely and satisfied solution. With over 15 years Tibetan travel organization experience in serving just for foreign travelers, Tibet Local Guide – Tibet Ctrip Tours is expanding wide tour service scope not only in Tibet but also in many parts of China. Learn more about this Tibet travel agency (

Top 2 Tibet Tour Operator & Agent- Tibet Local Guide 

Tibet local guide offers tailor-made tours and also one-day private tours. Tibetan guide has many long tour packages and also received many trustworthy reviews on TripAdvisor. Tibetan guide travel service’s tours are also available on the local online Tibet Tourism Booking center which is a large group of Tibetan tour operators (  Learn more about Tibet Local guide (

Top 3 Tibet Tour Operator & Agent- Tibet Travel Expert Service

Welcome to explore the land of snow, the cultural and natural wonder of Tibet with Tibet Travel Expert Service! Tibet Travel Expert Service (as it reads) focuses on reliable and quality travel services. Based in downtown Lhasa, capital of Tibet,Tibet Travel Expert Service team specialize in one-stop authentic Tibetan travel service packaging pure local Tibetan native guides, safe Tibetan drivers, Tibetan mountain cooks, comfortable vehicles, Tibetan owned accommodations, Qinghai Tibet train ticketing and reliable Tibet travel permits service. For authentic Tibetan experiences, travelers can expect the “Very Fair” local prices. Do not hesitate to contact this responsible and Eco-tourism friendly Tibet tour operator ( Tibet Travel Expert joins the gateway online booking platform of Local China Guide – the Gateway Tibet tourism Booking platform.

Top 4 Tibetan Guide

About Tibetan Guide: My name is Dhondup and I’m from Shigatse. I’ve been working as a guide since 2004. If you are interested in travelling to Tibet, please contact us. We can help you to organize the whole trip. We offer tailor-made tours and also one-day private tours.

Top 5 Local China Guide – Tibet Tourism Booking Center (Large group of direct Tibetan service providers)

About Local China Guide – Tibet Tourism Center: Welcome to “DIY” your Tibet tours booking with Local China Guide – Tibet Tourism Booking Center! We HANDPICK our Tibetan guides, hotels owners, drivers and restaurants runners who are Tibet regional travel experts.They join our local tourism platform as responsible service providers and they are motivated by self achievement. All our prices are itemized and transparent. Local China Guide – Tibet Tourism Booking Center helps you explore Deeper and CHEAPER in Tibet. Being a local platform supporting local guides around Tibet and China, we support you with better local prices, and all our Tibetan guides, drivers, hotel and restaurants runners receive higher income. Since the invisible enemy of COVID19 outbreak, all our service providers have been working hard to bring the best value to you, as we understand that it is also not easy for you to make and save money for travel. Thanks for supporting LOCALS.

Learn more about this amazing platform, any booking means supporting to local Tibetan (

Top 6 Tibet Travel Agency – Tibet Vista

As the Pioneer of Tibet Tourism for global tourists, Tibet Vista has been the first but Chinese tour agency out of Tibet for running massive join-in group tours of Tibet. Basing on their fixed departure group tours, if travelers want to have fixed tour itinerary and tight schedule with less flexibility and do not care to travel with many other travelers, it could be one option. Tibet Vista has tours available on many booking platform such as Viator, and most of the clients are overseas Chinese. Check out one of Tibet Vista website: Address: Gaohuaheng Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China

Top 7 Tibet Tour Operator & Travel Agent -Tibet Highland Tours

Tibet Highland Tours, though not the largest company around, it is among the most experienced around. Their office managers have been working in tourism in Tibet for quite a while in tourism and know all areas of Tibet very well. The company was started by local Tibetans, most of whom had been working for over 20 years already as tour guides, managers, and route builders.

Top 8 Tibet Tour Operator & Agent – Tibet Native Travel Services

When it comes to traveling in Tibet, the Tibet Native Travel Company has good resource of information and services. Many visitors to this unforgettable land want to explore beyond the typical tourist sights, and enjoy real interactions with local people. The Tibet Native Travel Company provides that exclusive access to visitors from all over the world.

Top 9 Tibet Tour Operator & Agent – Tibet Shambhala Adventure

Tibet Shambhala Adventure as a fully registered and internationally licensed adventure travel company under the administration of Tibet Tourism Bureau and the China National Tourism Bureau always hold key importance to take the best care of our clients and the quality service.

Top 10 Tibet Travel Agent -Mysterious Tibet

As one of the most professional travel agencies established in Tibet,Mysterious Tibet is the online travel service platform. has over 15 years experience leading and organizing tours into Tibet, Yunnan,Nepal and China. (more reference: